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Summer Drinking Games

Summer Drinking Games

No matter what the weather, us Brits like to enjoy the summer come rain or shine. Summer is all about parties, get together’s and games that can get you a little tipsy trying something new. Whether you’re organising a hen party or you just want some laughs at a friend’s look at these summer drinking games.

Giant Beer Pong

Everyone has had a go at the popular game beer pong. Why not kick it up a notch in the nice weather with a giant version of the hilarious game? Grab some empty bins, clean them out and even paint them red if you want to go the whole hog! Then fill your bins (or giant cups) with beer and throw giant balls into them. As well as ridiculous, this summer drinking games nature is sure to get you tipsy!

Flip Cup

Flip cup is a popular game amongst Americans. We think it needs to travel across the pond and into our summer drinking games traditions. Grab some classic red cups and split into two teams with equal players. Stand in two lines on the opposite side of the table facing each other, and lay a filled cup in front of each person. Then, go down the line as quick as you can, drinking the contents of your cup and trying to flip it from the table onto the rim of the cup. Once you’re done, move down the line to each player and the first team to flip all their cups wins!

Ice Tray Relay

You’ll need one ice cube tray per person for this one, so maybe ask your mates to bring their own. Create two even teams, fill your ice trays with beer (or the drink of your choice) and place in front of you with a straw. Then, one player on each side of the table will begin, at the same time, drinking all the booze out of their tray with the straw. When you’re finished, the game moves down the line until one team finishes first and claims the victory.

Cheers to the Governor

An easy-going game that goes differently every time it’s played, Cheers to the Governor is one of those summer drinking games that never gets boring. Sit around with your drink at the ready and go around the room, each player counting out loud until you reach 21. The person who says 21 is now the governor, and can make up a new rule for that round. The game goes on like this until the next person reaches 21, becomes the governor and has to make up a new rule.

Need an activity to add your summer drinking games too? Why not try your hand at our cocktail masterclasses and mix up your very own cocktail concoctions!

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