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Hen Party Guest List: How Many is Too Many?

Hen Party Guest List: How Many is Too Many?

Now ladies when sorting your Hen Party Guest List: how many is too many?? This is a question we all ask ourselves throughout the whole hen party planning. Do you invite your friends with the in laws? Is it ridiculous if you invite your hairdresser? Should I invite a friend I don’t talk to anymore just because I went to hers 5 years ago? Don’t drive yourself hen do crazy!

Remember it’s your celebration and you can invite as many or as little as you please. We just want to give you some pros and cons of each to help you reconsider the distant friends or your hairdresser you may be inviting.

If you are just planning on going for drinks at a bar or cocktail making and a nice meal, then technically you can invite as many as you want with no hassles. By booking in advance you’ll have no issue getting a table reservation for your favourite restaurant. If you don’t mind splashing out for your last weekend of freedom you could hire a hen house giving you plenty of room for all the guests you could want. Also with having a house you can then get a mobile hen party package so you can celebrate your hen party all under one roof.

Although remember that the more people you invite the harder it is to please everyone. So if you’re worried about numbers you could have a smaller weekend away with your friends or just your relatives and then a night out with everyone or vice versa whatever suits you.

If your leaning more towards a smaller hen party but worried about people who may expect an invite don’t worry. If they’re invited to your big day I’m sure anyone who isn’t one of your bridesmaids isn’t really expecting an invite. Smaller hen parties are more ideal if you’re needing to book hotels and with smaller groups there is less of a chance of people splitting off from each other.

Just remember that this night out or weekend your having for your hen party isn’t about anybody else all it is about is celebrating you and your last days of freedom before your big day. If you’re still unsure on what to do for your hen party have a look at our hen party activities.  Hen Party Guest List: how many is too many?? We hope this has helped you hens decide on who is on the guest list.

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